Scarves and Wraps

Here at Lotus Jayne we love silk. It may have a reputation as fussy fabric but believe me, silk is strong, colorfast, easy to clean, and quick-drying. With today's unpressed look, simply lay your washed scarf flat on a towel, in a few minutes, it's ready to go!

Silk is suitable for every climate as its fibers breathe, keeping you cool in summer and cozy in the cooler months. Current research is lauding silk's antioxident and healing properties for skin; silk fibers are now being introduced into the finest skin-care lines!

Both our silk and cotton scarves are hand-woven in rural weaving villages. Through fair trade practices, isolated, rural communities can rejuvenate revered handicraft traditions and begin to create sustainable economies. That translates into an education and medical care for families, not to mention less vulnerability to trafficers and the drug trade.