Product Care

Please note that as all of our Cambodian products are handmade from locally sourced or foraged materials so imperfections may exist. Items should be treated with the extra care given to something so unique and special.

Silk: Silk can be dry cleaned or hand-washed in cold water with a mild soap such as Woolite or even Baby shampoo. Blot excess water by gently rolling scarf in towel, then lay flat or hang to dry. Do not wring or twist as it will damage the fibers. Press while damp with a cool iron for a glassy look. Exposure to prolonged, direct sunlight will eventually fade colors.

Brass: Although treated to protect against tarnish, brass may be cleaned with any metal polish. Keep in a sealed plastic bag when not being worn to retard oxidation.

Paper Jewelry: Recycled paper bead jewelry, if exposed to water, should be allowed to dry, then re-glued and fixed with any non-toxic acrylic sealant spray found at hardware or craft stores.