His or Her Organic Cotton Handknit Washcloth 2-Pack

Here's the perfect small gift..for the man or woman on your list! Given up on scratchy loofas or artifical netting scrubbers on your skin? Well, finally a solution to clean, exfoliate, and wake up your skin while helping poor women AND helping the planet, whew! Toockies handknit washcloths are soft organic cotton knit and can be used to line a flower-pot at the end of their life span. Lest you think this product takes itself too seriously, the men's knit pattern is called "tire-tread," the women's cloth is round like a doily.

Nababpur is a village 24 km northwest of Kolkata (Calcutta), India, where women have few opportunities and often lack basic education. Over two hundred women in this village have been trained and provisioned at a community center where they make Toockies at home for a fair wage, working around their schedules. Simply a great idea and a great product. Each come in pack of two with label, as on the men's cloth shown here.

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His or Her Organic Cotton Handknit Washcloth 2-Pack
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